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Biblical rules for dating

If you are a discerning, completely sold-out Christian you have these spasms of feelings that you constantly try to deny for Christ.I know, because as a Christian woman, I recorded in my memoir how I felt tortured and frustrated about being single; tired of married Christians telling me to be happy in my singleness and be married to God.There are people who want to make love once a week, and others once a day.Of course, my primary life principle in which I teach my child is that we must maintain complete and total balance in every area of our lives.I do believe that you will be attracted to your mate, as many singles fear the answer to this question, “How does God envision me finding a mate?” One lady told me that she dated a famous boxer (before he became famous), and that he cheated on her and broke her heart.What he gave me in learning the word is embedded in my spiritual psyche and mental capacity in a way that has protected me, and shaped my entire life for the better.I can remember him saying that teenagers were not supposed to date.

My strong belief has always been that there is a specific person that will match you spiritually in a way that someone else will not.

The church that I grew up in was internally known for sexual immorality, even having to excommunicate an adulterous man who was a repeat offender after he slept with and bragged about having sex with a fifteen year old child.

Externally, the church was known for the unadulterated word of God that flowed through the mouth of the bishop that presided over the house.

I have done research, prayed and have found answers for my own life that have brought even more overwhelming confirmation that is leading me to offer relationship counseling based on the word of God.

Pastors are not answering questions and as a result, people are mislead and confused when they truly want to serve God. I really cannot think of anyone else in the whole wide world who wanted to be married more than I.

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There is a reason God wanted Eve for Adam, and he says it right in the beginning of our manual for life. By design men will at some point need help and support, and women will want to be a help meet.

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