Dating bj

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Dating bj

This includes identifying what causes behavior, mapping the 15 different types of behavior change, and exploring the role of technology for good purposes, such as our conferences in Mobile Health.

This website does not list our most recent projects.

And I’ve created a set of methods -- how to design for behavior.

These models and methods work together and comprise “Behavior Design.”At Stanford I never teach the same class twice.

Some people think all my work is online or in books. Most of the methods I teach today are not online or in books -- at least not yet. It's hard to innovate, teach, and then document it all at once.

As a result, I've chosen innovation and teaching as my priorities for now. You can see my innovation page for specific topics of expertise. A few years ago, I launched my Behavior Design Boot Camps.

In any case, you’ll also learn more about my work by viewing this (somewhat outdated) list of resources. BJ Fogg founded the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University, where he directs research and design.In addition, he devotes at least half his time to industry projects and innovations, all of which focus on using technology to change behaviors in positive ways.This focus underwhelmed most people, because messaging seemed too simple. (Looking forward: I predict that AI assistants will be very, very important in the years to come.)Technology itself doesn't magically change behavior.People creating products need to understand how human behavior works.

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And in yet another year, my class was about Facebook apps, and our students persuaded more than 16 million people to install the apps they created.