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In the 20th century, pigeons were used extensively in both Great Wars to carry messages, and as a result of their bravery and heroism, tens of thousands of human lives were saved.

The last messaging service using pigeons was disbanded in 2006 by the police force in the city of Orrisa, India.

The captured birds were either killed or held for ransom.Man has found many sporting uses for the pigeon throughout history, with the earliest known example being the sport of Triganieri.It is unclear when this ancient sport first started, but the early Greeks and Romans are believed to have participated in it. One species, the Atoll Fruit Dove, has adapted to taking insects and small reptiles. Some ground feeding species (granivorous species) eat fruit and take insects and worms.

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Description (adult of the nominate subspecies of the rock pigeon): Diet: Seeds form the major component of the diet, but it varies greatly according to species.