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It is becoming increasingly common for data about our location to be linked to our purchasing preferences -- about what we like and don't like. Vulnerability and data protection are the dark sides of our new entry into huge data sets and registers.

'Who knows -- in two years, perhaps the tax register will be linked to the health and insurance register? 'And tax data can go astray; it has happened before.' What opinions are being communicated? 'We will look at various sources in relation to each other, and for example find out how trustworthy Twitter messages are,' says Brandtzæg.

Brandtzæg has investigated a tool called Wisdom developed by the American-based company Micro Strategy, and has started applying it in the del TA-project which addresses young people's social activity on the internet.

'This gives me access to data about over 20 million people -- without making a single inquiry.

This makes it possible for him to compare large groups without any data protection problems.

However after about a year he became possessive, he wouldn't let me go out without him, he was constantly by my side, and always wanted to know who I was with and what I was doing even at school.However, it has also changed the way SINTEF researchers work.Even those not working in the major internet companies can still access Big Data.Several voluntary groups were also set up via social media, in order to try and help the police.However, social media as channels of communications proved to be not entirely beneficial, but also a source of confusion and misinformation.

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Personalized advertisements on the Internet not only attract more attention, they also remain in our memory longer than impersonal ads.