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Reddit has an unfiltered news server and may contain inappropriate material.

Users can broadcast a live video or watch channels produced by other users.

After it's re-release posts are reviewed by a member of the app's staff and other safety features hoping to keep younger eyes from adult content.

A real-time video streaming app allowing the user to broadcast at any time.

The platform was created specifically for complaints and to vent frustration.

This promotes a breeding ground of negativity, gossip, and anonymous bullying.

Originally shut down in 2014 because it was swarmed by teens who used the platform to anonymously post degrading, humiliating and hateful content.

The app allows for anonymous posts based off location awareness.

Although shared photos are not allowed to contain faces, explicit content of a sexual, drug and alcohol nature are prevelant.Fling is a social media app that allows teens and adults to share photos, videos and text messages with up to 50 people around the globe.Parental concerns including inappropriate images and requests for inappropriate images, harassment, and bullying associated with app.Yik Yak allows users to communicate anonymously within a 10 mile radius.Content is usually vulgar, explicit, and gossip filled presenting a concern for sexual predators and bullying.

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Reddit is a social app that has many great categories to explore.