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Sandra Hernández - The highest mark in Spain for Cambridge IGCSE Foreign Language French in the June 2017 examinations.

Yuvraj Ajoomal - The highest mark in the world for Cambridge IGCSE Latin in the June 2017 examinations.

Posted by Rocky in All News, Featured News, Wildlands Back in February Ubisoft revealed that all players who took part in the Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta would gain full access to the Unidad Conspiracy reward – well that day has arrived!20th Century Fox endorsed the tie in with three special HD clips remastered from the original Predator movie.The Predator DLC will be available free around noon GMT 1, until then, check out these comparison shots with movie stills on the left and in game screenshots on the right!Posted by Rocky in Featured News, Wildlands Ubisoft have ended intense speculation over an Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta with a huge announcement confirming a multi format open beta starting February 23rd.Posted by Rocky in All News, Featured News, Other News, Wildlands If Ubisoft’s rapidly escalating Ghost Recon Wildlands publicity train (including news of a brand New mini series on Amazon) isn’t quenching your crush-the-cartel thirst, here’s our very own curated top 5 of drug cartel movies that are guaranteed to get you pumped for Wildland’s release in March.

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