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His reasoning in arriving at this exact date was based on Ezekiel 40:1, where Ezekiel, without naming the month, says it was the tenth day of the month, "on that very day." Since this fits with his idea that Jeconiah's (and Ezekiel's) trip to Babylon began a month later than the capturing of the city, thus allowing a new Nisan-based year to begin, Thiele took these words in Ezekiel as referring to the day in which the captivity or exile proper began.

He therefore ended Jehoiachin's reign of three months and ten days on this date.

Gershon Galil also attempted to reconcile a 586 date for the fall of Jerusalem with the data for Jeconiah’s exile.

Like Thiele, he assumed that the years of exile should be measured from Nisan, but for a different reason.

But this hypothesis, like Thiele's, runs into difficulty with Ezekiel 40:1, since the 25th year of captivity would begin in Nisan of 573 and the fall of Jerusalem, 14 years earlier, would be in 587, not the 586 that Galil and Thiele advocate.

There is further conflict with the Babylonian data, because the 37th year of captivity, the year in which Jeconiah was released from prison, would be the year starting in Nisan of 561 BC, not Nisan of 562 BC as given in the Babylonian Chronicle. 377) that his date for the fall of Jerusalem (586 BC) is inconsistent with the precise data given in the Bible and the Babylonian Chronicle.

The intention was to take high class Judahite captives and assimilate them into Babylonian society.

Thiele said that the 25th anniversary of Jeconiah's captivity was April 25 (10 Nisan), 573 BC, implying that he began the trip to Babylon on 10 Nisan 597, 24 years earlier.The dates he gives for Jeconiah's reign are then: 21 Heshvan (9 December) 598 BC to 10 Nisan (22 April) 597 BC.Young argues that Thiele's arithmetic is inconsistent, and adds an alternative explanation of the phrase "on that very day" (be-etsem ha-yom ha-zeh) in Ezekiel 40:1.Jeconiah would later be regarded as the first of the exilarchs.In the Book of Ezekiel, the author refers to Jeconiah as king and dates certain events by the number of years he was in exile.

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Babylonian records show that Amel-Marduk began his reign in October 562 BC.

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