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If you are currently pregnant and considering an abortion, you can find pregnancy help here.

If you are in immediate distress and need to talk to someone right now, please call the 24 hour, national helpline for abortion recovery, toll-free, at 1-866-482-5433. Persevere until you find the kind of help that works for you. There is no reason for you to continue to feel trapped by by your past or unrelenting grief.

—Leslie Graves If you are suffering after abortion, you may feel very alone.

You may have experienced abortion many years ago and never told anyone. You may have been denied the choice you wanted or the support you needed. For some, it was a decision they made and later came to regret; for most, it involved some for of coercion.

Someone is there to listen to you at every hour of every day. Many others have experienced abortion and pregnancy-related injustices harm and heartbreak. Experienced, trained healers, most of whom have been exactly where you are today, are ready to help you.

Many others care about you and hope, help and healing are possible. Or, if you find the right help, you may find substantial help and healing in as little as a single weekend program. So please keep reading on this page, or click on the links below for additional resources and information.

But generally, I encourage you to take the time to find one of the growing number of professional therapists and experienced lay counselors who have received special training in post-abortion healing.”The interaction between therapists and women who have experienced abortion is obstructed by unspoken secrets, fears and political biases.

This is a very personal decision, with many, many factors that you will need to consider. If you e-mail an organization, you should expect a response within 48 hours.

If you indicate an interest in raising awareness through sharing your story, a good support group will encourage you to carefully discern what is truly best for you, and to take plenty of time in making this decision. If you call a hotline or therapist and get voicemail, you should get detailed information about when you can speak to someone in person. The program should not include any political component at all.

Bottom line: You may find help from a source you did not expect, but you should probably steer clear of any therapist, clergyperson or healing program that in any way will use or minimize your pain or vulnerability or tells you that you have to be pro-life or pro-choice to receive help or to heal. The average psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or counselor of any other academic stripe who does not understand post-abortion issues can often inflict more harm than good on the unsuspecting woman.

Many may believe they have enough insight to help, but unless they have had additional training, they often don’t.

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for a collection of comments about that, and Is one-on-one counseling for you? Another choice is between in-person support (attending a weekend retreat, working with a therapist, a clergyperson or a peer counselor, or going to a weekly group) or online support (online chats, internet message boards, e-mail groups). Another choice is between programs with a spiritual component and those without.

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