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Radiocarbon dating lake trafford canoes

The last time a woman tried to float down this river with us on a spring float (now that I know what it is called), I had to order two high school football players in our group to wade out into the river immediately to seize her and her spring float in order to prevent her from being swept over the big waterfall.Those spring floats are meant for floating in swimming pools and on lakes in still water, not for floating the Locust Fork River.You can bring with you two 6-7 foot lengths of sturdy cord.Place your pack with your things in it in the middle of the foot of your float.Spring floats, passenger car and pick up truck tire tubes and inflatable permitted on SEO river floats!A spring float is a flotation device consisting of an inflatable outer oval with a small, few inch diameter cross section and a large mesh interior.Info: Dan Frederick, [email protected] 205/631-4680 Float Note Substantial, fabric-covered, inflatable, vinyl, rectangular floats like you use to ride the waves at the Gulf work best.Trip leader Dan Frederick has 60 inch floats for sale for each or a check made out to SEO. Here is an alternative to carrying your lunches, water, towel and sunscreen in a pack on your back.

This method for transporting your pack on your float works only if you have a 72-inch long float.

It is marked Tallapoosa Street which IS AL Highway 79.

Coming from downtown Birmingham, as you get to the bottom of the exit ramp, get in the right lane.

They are difficult to steer and therefore unsafe for use on Southeastern Outings river floats. Please be at the Cleveland Chevron Service Station no later than a.m. Arriving 15 minutes before departure time will allow time to use the restrooms at the service station, hear announcements concerning the day’s event, and form carpools from the Chevron.

Parking is extremely limited at the put in point on the river.

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Either method of transporting your pack is satisfactory and acceptable.

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