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Random cam xx

The difference between these two patterns of red, green, and blue sensitivity is what this article is all about. Invented by Bryce Bayer of Kodak in the early 1970s, the Bayer CFA has been part of digital photography since its inception.

Fujifilm introduced X-Trans promising that it offered many improvements over Bayer, most of them incredible.

All of these are rather bold claims, to say the least, which have never, to my knowledge, been backed up by any evidence. We can test these claims ourselves — cast a spell of knowledge, if you will…

Because Fujifilm’s own X-Trans demosaicking algorithm is proprietary, it could not be used for this comparison.

In order to remove the complicating factors of optics, base sensor technology, etc., these comparisons are performed with This methodology allows for a direct comparison of the output with the input images (ground truth), and is the same technique employed by the researchers who develop demosaicking algorithms.

The goal is to simulate an AA-filterless sensor, differing only in CFA (Bayer vs. The synthetic raw images are generated by filtering the target images through the respective CFA patterns.

For the Bayer images, we use AHD, a similar high quality algorithm for demosaicking Bayer, which shares some properties with the Markesteijn algorithm.

There are better algorithms available for Bayer, but this is the best DCraw supports.

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All DS-CAM cameras were designed to be high-shock and vibration resistant, therefor they are perfectly suited for rough testing conditions usually found in Automotive and Aerospace applications.