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Small case against online dating

We’ll see some contradictions with the Bible as we examine Book 2.

Book 1 – The Book of the Watchers – we’ll see is the strongest portion of The Book of Enoch that might be worth debating for its inspiration or reliability, but after the first few chapters, there are also some problems that seem to come up.

It is also true – as I previously argued in my writing a decade ago that there seems to have been a cover-up of the Book of Enoch, about the time the faulty sons of Seth doctrine was introduced by the catholic church.In fact in 2004 I myself publicly presented a lecture entitled “The Case for Enoch” at the Ancient of Days conference held in Roswell New Mexico, and many of you who may have an interest in this updated teaching may have either since seen the lecture on You Tube or on DVD – OR have perhaps read the article I authored on Alien, way back in 2001.In the past, Paradox argued only for the first 16 chapters of Enoch, never accepting the rest of the text, as seen in the first print of “A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels” in 2008. When you are doing research, you construct theories.At the end, we’ll also provide some thoughts on just exactly WHY we think God has providentially allowed for the Book of Enoch to resurface and gain such notoriety in the modern era, and just some general advice for those who presently include The Book of Enoch in your “arsenal” when attempting to speak with other Christians about the modern, so-called, alien abduction phenomena.To introduce First Enoch, it is a composite work with 5 sections, each which have been dated to different times.

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Also, the Bible teaches that the “sons of God” were imprisoned in the Abyss at the time of the flood, but seems to lack almost any information telling about this event and how it happened.