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They don’t have to live these, you know, independent lifestyles.” As much as some would like to characterize Swanson as a fringe figure, World magazine accepts his advertisements, and his “Freedom 2015” National Religious Liberties Conference counted Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Mike Huckabee among its speakers.

While it is unlikely that men like Huckabee, Jindal and Cruz would defend early courtship and child marriage themselves (although Huckabee did come to Josh Duggar’s defense when the story of Duggar molesting his younger sisters came to light), as long as powerful politicians continue to associate with young courtship and child marriage advocates like Swanson, it helps normalize and mainstream those advocates.

That’s the logic behind “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson’s argument for child marriage, and it’s what pastor and home-school leader Kevin Swanson stated explicitly in his defense of Robertson.

As troubling stories about conservative Reformed theologian Doug Wilson’s handling of sexual abuse in his congregation emerged, TGC remained silent despite their frequent promotion and praise of Wilson’s work. Instead, when people asked TGC to respond, they went on a Twitter blocking spree.

“Surrounded by amazing people this week.” Despite everything that happened between us I’m happy we are at a place where we can go to events.a good time and be civil.

We’re doing a pretty good job raising these kids 🙌🏻 @kaillowry #oneteam A post shared by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on In an Instagram post in mid-October, Marroquin shared a sweet post of himself kissing Lowry on the cheek.

Javi Marroquin tells PEOPLE that he and his costar, Briana De Jesus, “decided to make it official” after the reality show reunited them for a reunion taping over the weekend in Los Angeles. “We’ve been friends for a while and we weren’t in a rush.” De Jesus and MTV did not respond to a request for comment.

While this is the first time Marroquin has declared them official, the pair has been hinting that a relationship was brewing between them on social media in several Instagram posts and tweets.

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“Thank you @laurentbaud for taking care of us at @taodowntown last night,” he wrote in the caption of the photo, which captured Marroquin with his arm around De Jesus. If y’all are in the city, be sure to hit him up for connect.” Thank you @laurentbaud for taking care of us at @taodowntown last night. If y'all are in the city, be sure to hit him up for the connect 👌🏻 A post shared by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on At the end of September, Marroquin returned to Florida with sons Lincoln and Isaac, where they spent time with De Jesus, her daughters and Brittney at a water park.