Updating mp3 file info

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Updating mp3 file info

A mix of the Beastie Boys with multiple classic house/techno tracks including Fast Eddie "Yo Yo Get Funky," Royal House (Todd Terry) "Can You Party," Inner City "Good Life," 808 State "Cubik," LA Style "James Brown is Dead."My first attempt to put something with U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday;" this was fine, and inspired a phenomenal lip-synch performance from Patty O'Furniture and Tristan Shout & co back in the day, , but I sort of abandoned this track when I realized Lyrics Born sounded better.

THE KEEP STUFF ALIVE EP "Keep Dean Alive" (featuring Howard Dean) "Keep Hung Alive" (featuring William Hung) "Keep Janet Alive" (featuring Janet Jackson) "Keep Stern Alive" (featuring Howard Stern and more) A running joke back in 2004, and very much a part of the current-events-referencing work I was doing for the Sixx Mixx.

removing the quick 2/4 measure that gives the original some quirky charm).

It all turns out to have a kind of retro-jump-up-jungle kind of feel.

NET is the successor of Nomad, a powerful file manager written by me a couple of years ago.

It is completely rewritten (no single line of code was taken from previous Nomad) using best ideas and algorithms and implementing everything in a completely new way.

Similarly to Freeland's mix, this uses nothing but sounds from the original song, although often altered significantly.

For longer multi-track format sets, radio shows like Subsonic and House Nation, recordings of live DJ appearances, promo mixes, etc., please go to the Mixes page.

Anyway, it turned out that once you've made an instrumental of "Keep Hope Alive," you can just sort of put any speech over the top of it, add some echo, and you've got a pseudo-dramatic comedy gem.

So I kept doing it, for the funny, whenever an amusing new bit of spoken word audio would hit the news.

Several years ago I changed my employer and moved to Microsoft new technology called ". For better understanding of many hidden areas, techniques and classes from new framework I started to write small simple applications that did what I knew the best - how to work with OS in file manager way.

When I had dozens of such simple applications an idea to completely rewrite old Nomad on new framework had come. New Nomad was developed with multi-threading in mind, so almost all long operations can take advantage of multi-core cpu (comparing, copying, searching, detecting archive format and so on - too many to list all of them here).

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I guess I had felt like my "Satisfaction Skank" took on a life of its own in the Bay Area, so here it is, with the caveat that I promise I never intended to take credit for the idea.