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Who is lillo brancato dating

New role: Lillo Brancato (pictured second right with, from left, actor Joe D'Onofrio, actor and producer William De Meo and director Paul Borghese) has landed a role in 'Back in the Day' about a fighter from Brooklyn In December 2005, Brancato tried to break into an apartment with Steven Armento, a low-level mobster and the father of his girlfriend, to steal Valium but NYPD officer Daniel Enchautegui heard glass break as they entered the building and confronted them.

Locked up: Brancato was sent to prison for his part in the death of off-duty police officer Daniel Enchautegui, right.

Brancato, now 36, and Armento, 51 , were drinking together at a strip club in December 2005 before deciding to break into the basement apartment in a hunt for Valium, prosecutors said during the 2008 trial.

He claimed that he had known the owner, a Vietnam veteran, for several years.

Brancato and another man were breaking into an apartment when the man shot Enchautegui'I said I don't think it would be a wise decision for me right now to play anything of violence, I don't think it sends the right message,' he told This is 50 as he explained his decision to take the job.'I wish I could just take it back and I could bring police officer Daniel back to life,' Brancato told ET after he left prison.

A group of New York City police officers mingled with actor Lillo Brancato at a party for his first movie since he was released from prison for his involvement in a burglary that led to a cop's murder, according to a report.

He also said he had permission to go inside and take painkillers and other pills whenever he felt like it, and didn't know the man had died earlier that year.

He told the jury that while suffering from judgment-impairing heroin withdrawals on the night of the shooting, he accidentally broke the kitchen window of the apartment in a desperate attempt to wake up his old pill-supplier.‘Lillo has a good heart,' Ashman told the Post.

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